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Artist's statement

My love of the photographic process began in the late 1960's in a makeshift basement darkroom where I developed a roll of 35mm B&W film at night in a glass jar. When the magic of the silver images was revealed, I was hooked.

When I am enveloped shooting Nature images, I evaluate the light and textures on my Animistic subjects with a sense of my mentor, Ansel Adams’ presence embodied in my soul. Honoring his “patient attention” to every detail, I enjoy taking the time to purposely make each exposure relay the equivalent numinous connection I feel with the image to the viewer.

His visualization technique reminds me to always be aware of the complete frame and corners in my camera, what is in and what is not in – detailing how I imagine my final image appearing. 

I hope my unique vision enhances our appreciation of the wonders of Nature, and brings us a deep personal connection with the Numinous.

Brooks Bollman


I am currently fundraising for the ABQ BioPark and Santa FE Conservation Trust.

I recently exhibited at the Eye of the Mountain Gallery in Santa Fe (2107), Callanwolde Fine Art Festival 2016 (Atlanta, GA) and American Field 2015 (Atlanta, GA)

Images are currently on display in Taos at the Blue Mountain Café. 

I graduated from Cornell University with a BFA in Fine Art Photography with Class Marshall honors

, operated my own photography studio in Atlanta 1979 - 1994, and have since pursued various aspects of photography, finally choosing, or being chosen, to love and create Numinous Nature imagery.