Brooks Bollman | Artist action plan

Artist action plan

As humans we must learn to coexist with animals, or they will become extinct.  We must also change our habits to allow other creatures to coexist and thrive. Habitat protection is on the top of the list.

I am partnering with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to protect and recover the Orangutan's remaining endangered habitat in Asia.  


*Please think twice about buying products with Palm Oil, the #1 threat to habitats*


Purchase my photograph "Loosing our Rainforest Home" including a 20% donation to TNC for Orangutan Project.



Purchase an Orangutan print 

Loosing our  Rainforest home ©2014Loosing our Rainforest home ©2014This Primate soul is expressing his sorrow and disbelief that Humans are destroying his Rainforest home. His eyes closed, right hand up to his right eye, and a long sighing ‘oooh’ from his mouth. I empathize deeply with him, and agonize over the loss to our shared home Planet’s rainforests. I will make a donation (of 20% of sale) to the Nature Conservancy’s Osa Peninsula Rainforest Project with each photograph of my Primate friend, who constantly reminds me to cherish and protect Nature.



Orangutan Home