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Animistic beings created by Nature
Lincoln in 2018Phantom of the Carson Nat Forest ©2018Water is Life ©2013Loosing our  Rainforest home ©2014Pan of Jemez ©2016Earth to Sky ©2016Neanderthal calling us back to Nature ©2015Sandia stone face ©2015Great Grandfather Hyde ©2016Sentinel guarding my Grandfather's home ©2015Brazilian Indian Elephant ©2015Looking for Van Gogh at Midnight ©2009Jemez Wolf ©2016Hand of Gaia ©2014Rio Grande Leprechaun ©2015Looking for Van Gogh ©2009David II ©2014Neanderthal Spirit hibernating ©2015Kisssing the Trees ©2013Mother Mary praying © 2013

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