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Image supporting Orangutan habitat

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Loosing our Rainforest homeLoosing our Rainforest homeThis Primate soul is expressing his sorrow and disbelief that Humans are destroying his Rainforest home. His eyes closed, right hand up to his right eye, and a long sighing ‘oooh’ from his mouth. I empathize deeply with him, and agonize over the loss to our shared home Planet’s rainforests. I will make a donation to the Nature Conservancy’s Orangutan Project with each photograph of my Primate friend, who constantly reminds me to cherish and protect Nature.

This Animistic image of a crying Orangutan is a natural part of a tree living I discovered in 2014.  


The image deeply called out to me, demanding my action.


I am partnering with the Nature Conservancy (TNC) to protect Orangutan Habitat, and save these gentle primates from habitat loss and extinction.  

Orangutans share 97% of our DNA. They are our closest living relatives, yet there are only 61,000 remaining on the Earth (mostly in Borneo).  Industrial timber harvesting, mining and the rapidly growing Palm oil industry are destroying the Orangutan's forest home faster than anywhere else in the World, and the Orangutan's very existence is now at risk.

I am donating 20% of the profit from each Orangutan print sold.  

Thank you for supporting this crucial cause with me.


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